Lab Alumni

Former Postdoctoral Fellows:

Bonnie FraserBonnie Fraser
Guppy genomics and frequency dependent selection in guppies. 2009, 11 (co-advised with K. Hughes, FSU).

Robert Olendorf

Frequency dependent selection in guppies. 2002-06 (co-advised with Hughes and Houde, at U. of Illinois).

Jean Richardson
Inter-population variation in plasticity in offspring size. 2000-02 (co-advised with Abrams, Day and Rowe).

Steve Proulx
Sexual selection and signal reliability. 2000-02 (co-advised with Abrams, Day and Rowe).

Former Graduate students:

Lucia Kwan – PhD
Sexual selection and the evolution of genitalia (co-advised with L. Rowe).

Pasan Samarasin – PhD
Population-based approaches for conservation and resource management.

Mersedeh Safa – MSc
Boldness in invasive and local crayfish species (co-advised with R. Baker).

Jordan Pleet – PhD.
Dispersal strategies (co-supervised with P. Abrams and B. Shuter).

Ani Vanesyan – MSc 
Fine scale analysis of shoaling behaviour in guppies. 2012 (co-advised with W. Ryu, Physics).

Cameron Weadick – PhD
Molecular evolution of visual system genes in fishes. 2004-2012 (co-advised with B. Chang).

Anna Price
Male-male interactions in guppies.

Kara Lefevre – PhD
Tropical rainforest disturbance, avian frugivory, and implications for seed dispersal. 2002-08. 

David Punzalan – PhD
Evolutionary ecology of sexually dimorphic colouration in ambush bugs. 2000-07 (co-advised with L. Rowe).

James Burns – PhD
Inter-individual variation in cognitive ability in bees and guppies. 2001-07 (co-advised with J. Thomson 2004-2007).

Yun Cheng – MSc
Sexual selection and the evolution of genitalia in the guppy (Poecilia reticulata). 2001-04 (co-advised with L. Rowe).

Trevor Pitcher – PhD
The evolutionary ecology of mate choice. 1999-2005 (co-advised with L. Rowe).

Erin Dunlop – PhD
Life history variation in Ontario smallmouth bass. 2000-05 (co-advised with B. Shuter).